iz just another way of sayin soul but it looks tighta wit dis spellin
That bro got some Sohl.
They call me Noble Sohl.
Code that makes someone a liar.
You tell someone that a piece of code is not working and then it just starts working. The Sohl-effect.
by mosr October 26, 2012
Dis is ya boy nobl sohl, or noble sohl, wutever, but thaz my name and im austin and i roll wit Frestlye king(jason) and weathaman(evans). CAtch me at nchs wit peopl from icebox.
Nobl Sohl is just a tight name and its myne-theres ur definition.ClAsS oF 07
This ya boy Nobl Sohl.
This ya boy Noble Sohl.
Nobl sohl, weathaman, and FreeStYleKiNg go harda than anybody out there at nchs.
by Noble Sohl January 10, 2004
john sohl is CRAZY but kind to the ones close to him he finds love in creativity and admires that. john is selfish but selfless at the same time he is determined to make it in life and never let the ones he loves worry.
john sohl is driven to achieve.
by funnysomeone October 30, 2019