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Soggy Trumpet; the act of feltio delivered in a wet and wild manner
It was 4am down a dark alley and she gave me the Soggy Trumpet
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by Maxpwr December 10, 2017
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A soggy trumpet is when you start eating someone asshole out until it is drenched in their juices and your saliva, I'm talking Pacific ocean drenched. Then you either a) jam your fist wrist deep in the bitch and play her like a trumpet or b) grab that dudes dick and work it like a trumpet. Then to complete the rusty trumpet you blow into their asshole. Like blow their kidneys out blow.
Reptar: Have you guys heard of the soggy trumpet?
Running Man: Hell yea I did that to my chick last night
Jim: *mumbles
Juggalo: yea my wife gives them nigirly
Onyx: unfortunately...
Soggy: my girl did dat ish last night, ya feel me
by Reptar77 December 16, 2014
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