n.: One who lacks dedication to their involvements and often backs out when things become complicated or difficult. The opposite of one who is hardcore.
adj 1.: Used to describe one who has the traits of a softbatch. The opposite of hardcore.
adj 2.: Used to describe an action that is performed in such a way as to reveal the person committing it would be referred to as a soft batch.
adj 3.: used to describe an action that was performed half-assed.
adj 4.: used to describe anything that is clearly not hard core, especially if it tries to be passed off as being hard core.
"You're soft batch! Every time we wanna play paintball you've got some excuse for why you can't go!"
"God he never even does any work on his car for himself, what a soft batch"
by Bladesilver March 13, 2004
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A foul party prank in which one turns on someone's oven (to preheat it) then sneaks a cookie sheet into the bathroom. A tasty dump is then taken on the cookie sheet and when the coast is clear the sheet is placed in the already warm oven. The culprit then usually leaves the gathering as it only takes about five minutes for the entire place to reek of dung. A horrible mess to clean up as well.
"You go to Mary's party last night?"
"Yeah, it sucked. I left her a nice soft batch though."
by TunaSled July 06, 2003
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