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Softball chicks consist of mostly manly girls who think they're the shit and that somehow softball is the best sport in the world. Don't let their extreme manliness distract you though, they are notorious bitches. Their signatures are wearing side ponytails all the time, and having the biggest, ugliest sunglasses. The softball chicks usually bitch about normal girls during their practices and if you are a victim to the harassment of a Softball Chick, look out cause she will beat your ass. And win. Remember the're huge. Normally they're only friends with other Softball Chicks who share the love for the pointless sport. They often try to act like normal girls but end up just looking like they're trying too hard.
I really want to go to the party but the scene is going to be all these Softball Chicks
by peacockbitch14 June 17, 2011
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