A type of rap music that usually has slower beats and is more inspirational. Rap's version of 80s Ballads. These type of songs are typically used to set the mood.
Most rap songs that include a rapper with a female contributer such as Dreamgirl by Tay Dizm and Akon and also Want It, Need It by Plies and Ashanti

Anything by NeYo.

Tyronne: Yo man you gots to get out of the crib tonight. My girl is comin over.
Jamar: Alright, I'll leave you be. What's you got planned?
Tyronne: We gonna grab some Church's and a movie. then we gonna come home and I'll light some candles, drink some wine and put on some soft ghetto and see what happens.
by tornadochaser6 April 6, 2009
a blogstyle made up by the blog yung-medusa.tumblr.com It started as a parody on the blogstyle 'soft grunge', but quickly grew out to something weel known on tumblr. A soft ghetto blog is a mix of seapunk, pale and (ofcourse) ghetto and ratchet.
Ohhh man, that blog is soft ghetto as fuck!
by yung-medusa November 26, 2013