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Metal music that is softer than other Metal. It is NOT Hard Rock. While the difference between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal is often described as metal being heavier, louder, and more aggressive (together it's called harder), this is not always always the case. There are few other key differences between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. One is that Heavy Metal tends to be more distorted, which does not necessarily imply a harsher sound. Another is that Hard Rock is based around Blues rhythms, while Heavy Metal is usually based around either a constant beat, a classical based rhythm, or a complex "mathy" rhythm. The most important feature here is that Heavy Metal is guitar driven, while Hard Rock is vocal driven.

Soft Metal would be Heavy Metal that is softer than most Hard Rock. Soft Metal is a very melodic form of music based around guitars that while distorted are not harsh sounding. In fact they might sound even less harsh than undistorted guitars. It's texture is similar to that of classical music, more so than ordinary Heavy Metal. It is NOT the same thing as a Power Ballad. For one, Power Ballads are almost always vocal, while Soft Metal is usually instrumental. Also, Soft Metal tends to be faster in tempo than Power Ballads. Finally, Power Ballads are usually based around a structure where they build up in tensity and only get metal at the climax. Soft Metal may build in intensity at parts in the song, but it's equally metal through the entire song.
Kaoss Walker makes pony themed Soft Metal.
by Ganondox July 02, 2013
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