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A lovely and uncommon girls name meaning "Wise Cheese." A truly amazing person, full stop. You would be very extremely lucky to ever meet a Sofie or Sofeta. Not only is she magnificently gorgeous but has the personality of a block or cheese. She can be a bit mischievous but overall is kind, loyal, strong, compassionate, friendly, hilarious and many more great traits. If you have a Sofeta in your life, consider yourself very lucky. Appreciate her beauty and personality. Do not take her for granted. She is likely to be vegetarian, and obsessed with Ariana Grande. She is clever and can outsmart most people. When you first get to know her she will be most likely quiet and shy, however when you get to know her she is loud and thinks she can sing but really can't!!! A big animal lover, and is very partial to chocolate. A beautiful modern name perfect for beautiful babies around the world.
Wow, I'd love to be friends with Sofeta! Everyone loves her!!
by sh9749 July 07, 2018
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