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A portmanteau of the words "Sodomizing," and "Mining," originating from the fact that sodomy is often referred to as "mining for little nuggests of poo."
"While I was sodomining your mum last night, I couldn't help but notice my foreskin was an effective tool for trapping tiny bits of poo."

"Would you like to go Sodomining?"
"Sodomining? Don't you mean sodomizing?"
"Yes, but you have a dirty arse and I expect a few nuggets."

"While my boyfriend was sodomizing me last night, I didn't feel bad that I hadn't washed, because he didn't even have the courtesy to give me a reach-around. Sodomizing? SodoMINING more like! Poor man."

"I haven't even sodomined a woman before."
by bilegut November 18, 2009
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