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The feeling you get when you have to urinate, but when you make it to the bathroom the urge to take a horrific dump hits you like a steamroller. It's comparable to a christmas present you would get from your grandmother. You pick up the package and you squeeze/shake it. It feels like and looks like socks, but when you unwrap the gift it turns out to be socks AND underwear. Apply that principle to the bathroom. You go in and it feels like a 30 second wizz job much like the Christmas present feels like only socks, but once you get started you realize that a turd is on its way and can't be stopped which is kind of like the surprise you get when you open a package you believe to be only socks but there turns out to be underwear there as well.
Guy "E" and Guy "C" are playing video games. Guy "E" says "be right back...gotta make tinkle." Guy "E" returns 10 minutes later. Guy "C" asks "what took so long." Guy "E" replies: "Sorry man, socks and underwear"
by Evan Thorn December 07, 2006
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