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Post ejaculation into a condom aka sock, one slides it off the still engorged member and flops the saggy, wet condom upside the head of their partner. May be delivered in repeated in repetitive , back and forth flops against both sides of their face if desired.
I sock flopped Rachel real good last night. I had a full nut so it was wet smackin.
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by Tugg YaLater April 11, 2017
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When one wears socks with their flip flops, they are called Sock Flops... not socks with sandles, not socks with flip flops... SOCK FLOPS

Invented at Soul Survivor, Summer 2013 on a horse field next to some tents.
nice sock flops, they look trendy.

im going to put on my sock flops
by Joel the Sock Flop wearer November 29, 2013
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