Someone who is just more savage than everyone else.

- Logan Paul 2018
by Basketball_wood October 05, 2018
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An individual with the same mentality as the goverment in the country he or she lives in; or in general the shape and behaviour of institutions of control and power aroung the world regardless of what 'flag' they present themselves with as religions, nations or 'unions' - makes his/hers own rules and concepts of right or wrong instead of accepting what the institution of control the individual lives under presents as behaviour he or she must follow.

Allt the traits associated with 'sociopaths' are accepted and always present in goverments or successful companies; but in individuals we can afford to despise and fear them with these traits since they are individuals and not a network that can be defined as an identifiable 'object' ; while with goverments we handle it by developing stockholm syndrome and telling ourselves the goverment is on our side. Often projecting the traits of goverment institutions on people psychiatry call 'Antisocial'; making criminals personilize the 'essence' of the system in control - as a way of escaping our real situation as it is in the 'civilized' world.
Hank is a sociopath in prison for trying to take control over his enviroment by force; therefore his goverment takes control over Hank via force thus manifesting the essence of the exact same drive.
by Creger May 29, 2013
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by sillygoose42069 August 28, 2021
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A sociopath is someone who has behavior issues. They are really impulsive and tend to have anger issues. They don’t care about anyone else but themselves (selfish 🙄) they always do what they want and are usually very stingy. Usually , their name would be Allison , Brenda , Cameron, Jake , Logan , Lesly , Paul , or cassy.
Omg, you see that angry person over there, that must be a sociopath!
by the good and fresh tea October 13, 2018
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“Sociopath is, boiled down, someone who is just more savage than everyone else.”
- Logan Paul
Damn Logan Paul just filmed a dead body in the forest. He's such a sociopath.
by Radkopiradko October 05, 2018
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