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Societal Narcissism is a phenomenon that has developed over time because of our society created "what about me" materialistic world.

Text book Narcissism is when a person has developed a personality disorder created at a young age when a child feels no one is taking care or them or giving them basic human needs.

Societal Narcissism is created by an lack of self-esteem, lack of confidence and a missing sense of ones self. This personality is developed because of the materialistic, self centeredness, selfish world that we live in. People today are trying to find happiness through purchasing of material goods, body alterations, keeping busy, drinking, drugs and anything outside of themselves. A "What about me" or a "Look at me" personality disorder has been created within our society because our focus on happiness has been misdirected. These personalities continually try to fill there life with busyness so they don't have to look at themselves to figure out who they really are. This personality disorder creates a lonely, sad, hollow existence that leads people to a very empty sad materialist life.
Societal Narcissism is when you feel lonely so you go shopping to try to fill the emptiness and anxiety with material goods. You think your looks and or what you wear makes people drawn to you....not who you are. You fill your life with items or you alter your looks searching for happiness. In the long run it doesn't work what matters is who you are in the inside. Not what you look like, what you wear, what you drive or where you live.
by Tairn Longden November 07, 2012
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