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A social-media website for the Nintendo 3DS and DSi where all Home-Stuckers, Vocaloids, Emos, Pokefans, and Soul Eater fans live.
Bob: Hey dude, did you see Selena on SocialNeko last night?

Mark: Yeah. She was so cool.
by rule69 November 30, 2013
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2 was a social media website created by the very mexican man of many names, Akise, Periostst-something, and uh, a few other things. It was the go to place for people with a 3Ds and an internet connection in 2014. They really liked anime and vocaloid back then.

Frequently aberviated to "SN".

Some people say that they have a sense of superiority over other Nintendo 3DS/DSi sites, but this is an unfounded stereotype that has never been proven.

Surprisingly, SocialNeko survives as an active website, but in the current form of
WolfRawr: Did you see Social Neko status last night? There were 50 people on. It was hectic.
AzureHeart: ARG. I missed it because I was still banned by DoctorSatan for cybering in PM's still...
AnimeFan: PSSH, I remember when 200 people were on Social Neko at once.
AzureHeart: DoctorSatan said it was my last offence before being permabanned from Social Neko forever.
WolfRawr: HAHAHAHAHA Guess you'll have to stick to Misdew, a vastly inferior site.
AzureHeart: Mildew? No thanks. I'd rather huff the ass fumes that 3DsPlaza emits.
by BeeMinus June 11, 2018
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