or SMD for short is usually the result of an over zealous individual who attends a class put on by a social media expert & suddenly thinks they are God's gift to Social Media. A day before this class they thought Facebook was a compilation of mug shots from the FBI's Most Wanted List. Now they friend everyone, interject in everyone's conversation with meaningless comments such as "Sounds Good!" or "Ha!". SMD also includes clogging feeds across networks including Twitter & LinkedIn with the same message with auto posts all the while thinking they are building relationships & making connections when in fact they are simply ignoring the crap out of everyone. SMD is common among Realtors & Hobby Business Owners in the Baby Boom Generation.
Damn that Real Estate Agent from the Chamber of Commerce has a real bad case of Social Media Diarrhea she's always clogging my LinkedIn feed & tagging crappy unfocused pictures of me on Facebook. Someone needs to get her some Pepto!
by TruthTeller1629 July 14, 2011
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