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Social Graffiti is where a social establishment like a Pub, Club or Restaurant has a cool element (drawcard) and then takes on a group of people, and for its time is great;

Then, as more people become aware of a 'good' spot, friends and family and cousins and exes and neighbours and the blonde guy from House all rock up and overcrowd the place with their shittiness.

This leads to overcrowding and the establishment takes on an unintended crowd.
"That new club started out awesome, but now it's just full of Social Graffiti."

A restaurant I regularly go to used to be a great quiet spot to take a bunch of friends to drink and hang out and enjoy yourself. Now, if you can manage to get a booking - you'll be shoulder to shoulder with morons yelling at the top of their lungs and generally behaving like yokels.
by Kevin Munro May 10, 2008
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