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noun or adjective

An asshole who cares little or not at all about how his dim lit thoughts and behaviours affect others

Lacking ordinary social regard, adaptability, and keenness of mind and who also lacks empathic regard towards those who may be affected by his/her ill-considered thoughts or behaviours.
See related - Fucktard

Psychology. A person of low order when classifying behaviour righteousness in regards to the impact it has on immediate group wellness, sustainability of group dynamics, and empathic regard of all others who may, or may not be included in his/her relationships or community.
Not limited to these examples;

someone cutting in line, trying to milk the system by giving shit to someone who doesn't deserve and expecting to recieve something free, an upgrade, or a refund out of it is a social asshole

Reckless drivers and drunk drivers who hurt things they hit, impatient and obnoxious drivers -they all cause social harm and annoyment; they are said to be social assholes or fucktards, depending on the severity of the harm caused (hit a cyclist or pedestrian = fucktard, hit a tree or run people of the roads = social asshole)

polluting, littering, driving an SUV in the city, prejudice, aggressivemess in public view, thieving, exploiting ... the list goes on...
by jawn the baptist September 27, 2006
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