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A regular mugging will rob you of your possessions. Money, your watch, a phone maybe. A social mugging will rob you of something far more precious. Your time. The standard interaction for people you don't know very well (or don't really like) is to simply say "Morning" and they reply with "Morning". We all know this. You can even try the throwaway "How's it going?" BUT BE WARNED. Some people will see this as a conversational opener and will then proceed to tell you their life story. Walking away will not help at this point, nor will pretending to be otherwise engaged in other tasks. Like a well trained limpet they will stick like glue until they have robbed you of your time, and most of your soul. Leaving you shaken, upset and worried for all future outings.
Husband: Hey honey, you ok? You like hell! You only went out for bread 2 hours ago??
Wife: I saw Jennifer and said "Hi ya, you ok?".... BIG MISTAKE
Husband: (laughs) You know the village shop is a hotspot for social mugging!!
by Obi Jon Kenobi September 04, 2018
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