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Someone who fails to grasp how the larger overstructure in one's country is designed to reduce his ability to choose freely and explore the realm of possibility, or someone is totally subject and ignorant to what arguments belie the things being said in conversation.
Johnathan seriously thinks he's going to pick his next place to live from a map, after his city's economy has cycled downward due to policy changes. Even moreso, he has no clue what everybody is really doing for money and the utilities for the next two years. Johnathan is an example of a social context rube.

Example II:

John often finds nothing to think about when he enters the dog park because he finds people throwing random words at each other, and looking off into seemingly nowhere. In response, he just sort of sits there and when he talks, he makes footnotes about what people say, while failing to see the assumptions and arguments being put forth. As a consequence, he takes every assumption thrown at him, being ping-ponged back and forth.
by DanZhukovin October 02, 2019
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