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1.)The inferior Racquetball Soccer. 2-4 players enter a racquetball room or approach a large stable wall and proceed to wack eachother off as they gently pass a soft ball to eachother and discuss the latest edition of "zoo books." This family game not only encourages inter-generational incest, but awkward theme music and intense weeping by the losing teams. As this game gains support, the very morals on which America were founded and brought into question and paraded about like a show alligator.
2.) A lesser know euphamism for BDSM pornography
"Hey man, I'm so lonely and craving intergenerational play."
"Good call dude maybe our parents should come watch us enjoy a game of SocCourt."
"EW! You make me sick, you nut job."
by Mark Pierce September 13, 2007
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