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Short for "social authoritarian", SocAuth is a literal term and describes someone who is an authoritarian on social matters. They are traditionally thought of as an "SJW" or "social justice warrior". The difference is that the term "SocAuth" is a more accurate descriptor and is not a loaded or vague term that's been co-opted by the right-wing. The opposite of a SocAuth is a social/civil libertarian or anarchist.

SocAuth's are very judgemental, easily offended, and go around thinking that they can tell people how to talk and act, and if you don't abide by their own morals and values then they will try to punish you and make you pay socially. SocAuth's don't let people just act how they want to. They think that social etiquette should revolve around their own personal opinion or their faction's opinion of right and wrong, meaning that they are usually self-centred or their outlook is centred around their own factions. The more a SocAuth disagrees with someone's demeanour, the harder they fight against said person and the angrier the SocAuth gets. They will go on moral crusades against people and be completely outraged over whoever offends their values.

"SocAuth" is not a partisan term and anyone can be one, but they are more likely to be far-left individuals, such as communists, and angry young girls online with no life experience, but could also be evangelical Christians that get outraged over Sesame Street having a gay character. They are easily trolled.
I could take you more seriously if you weren't such a SocAuth, giving me commands on how I'm allowed to talk. In the words of the great Zack de la Rocha, "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me."
by Xenos N. November 02, 2019
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