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Sobernormativity is the anti-drug belief that sobriety is the norm and therefore the only acceptable way of life. Proponents of sobernormative lifestyles will often drink at parties, only to judge someone else for smoking up or doing harder drugs.

Sobernormativity is associated with sobriety, losers, boredom, and the fact that too many people are in jail for wanting to have fun.
Sobernormativity is also known as an antonym to soberphobia.
Frank: I got busted for pot possession while driving through Mississippi!
Siavash: What a fucking sobernormative state!

Frank: Yeah, I bet the cop was a supporter of sobernormativity.
Siavash: Let's go to San Fran and take acid since they're not as sobernormative there.
Some Loser: Sobernomativity is social construct made to protect you! Everyone should always be sober and blah blah blah blah blah, because I haven't tried drugs and I don't know what I'm missing out on.
by Siaman February 03, 2015
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