When you have absolutely nothing in common with someone that you have to say you have so much in common as a joke but deep inside it's not really a joke because you actually have absolutely zero in common and it actually hurts sometimes because you can't relate to anything with each other not even anything simple like food or video games or anything like that just absolutely nothing is similar between the two of you and you both know that but you still joke around about it and laugh at silly things together which is perfectly fine but you know it's peak when you point out the smallest thing you both like and act like it is something you have in common when in reality you are just being picky and trying to find something in common from any and every single atom in the universe but at the end of the day as long as you get along with each other there doesn't really have to be anything in common between the two of you.

And breathe. The GIF below signifies the amount of commonality between you two.
Me: *meets bud who I have nothing in common with*
Me: "Omg we have so much in common!!!!!!!!!"
by Lead Bud 123 June 5, 2021
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