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1. A metrosexual guy that enjoys emo, the Boston Red Sox and proclaiming to the public about his sexual encounters with girls he's used for their reputation.
2. A guy who tends to piss himself while under the influence of alcohol. Sometimes may occur in a roommate's laundry basket or on a girlfriend.
So I had sex with this girl last night but she was busted so it was just a snydypants. Her father is Bruce Willis and now I can say I had sex with Bruce Willis' daughter.

Dude you won't believe what happened last night, I went to shack with this girl and I completely pulled a snydypants on her.
by :o) :o) February 12, 2006
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1. A person who loves to wear pants and not your everyday version of pants though. It is a person who pounds full handles of vodka without thinking and then finds himself just in their boxers WITHOUT pants.
2. Must also like Dr. Pepper and Pink Shirts
Justin was so drunk the other night, he definelty was Snydypants
by Morgan Hunter February 01, 2006
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