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When a male (typically of swedish dissent) is performing cunninglus on a female partner and slips a snus from his upper lip into the folds of her labia and/or cervix. The mucus membrane of the vagina absorbs the nicotine causing a pleasurable tingling (or occasionally stinging) sensation, and pussy high.
Hey Byorn, I slipped Tone a snus cooter last night when I was piss drunk at 4 am. She is gonna have pussy cancer in a week because that shit was extra stark.

Hey Byorn, when Tone came home from hot yoga class last night she told me I had to go down on her before she took a shower, or she would punch me in the cock. I had to slip her a mint snus cooter because that thing smelled like a fish market in mid-July.
by SnusOrDie October 23, 2010
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