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To embrace or cuddle accordingly with said lover, friend, foe, or partner of the moment. This word has two meanings depending on emphasis of the word. If emphasis is on SNUG then snugski falls into the category of A, to cuddle, snuggle, etc. If emphasis on said word falls on the second syllable, SKI, then the word may be interpreted in a much more playful manner, including but not limited to the following: kissing, making out, bringing sexy back, romping, getting it on AKA having crazy off the wall sex, hiding the salami, making some salsa, jizz. in. my. pants. ETC.
It's so rainy and cold, let's SNUGski!!

Kenny's bod makes me soo hot tamales, so we had to snugSKIIIIIIIIIII! It was the perfect definition of snugSKI, to be correct.

I wish I could snugSKI her.
by Sexyback KT June 17, 2009
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