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Snubbepartiet (roughly translates to "The Dudemeisters" in english) is a swedish left-wing street gang which first originated in Gotenburg, Sweden - or, more precisely in the bowels of the local cultural mecka known as "Järntorget".
Local groups has since sprung up in such diverse places as Monrovia, Liberia all the way to Haparanda-Tornio on the edge of the finnish-swedish border .

The groups primary notoriety comes from it's often decadent, god rejecting and highly drug liberal way of living. As well as from its many contribution to the Swedish club scene.

Leading members have on several occasions voiced an highly outspoken support of the Irish Republican struggle
#1: Who's that makin all theruckus?

#2: Well that right there is a prospect of "Snubbepartiet" .

#1: Oh, we better steer clear then...
by yr October 17, 2007
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