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This is a slightly convoluted way to become impregnated if the female hates vaginal penetration. The female fellates the male and performs the well known 'snowball', spitting the semen into the male's mouth. Quickly, so as not to damage the sperm by over exposure to oral acids, the male then spits the semen into the female's vagina, thrusting it inside with his tongue.
If this technique is part of a prolonged sex act, then creampie or cunnilingus maybe part of the immediate following proceedings.
Childless Chap: My wife just hates it in the puss and in the bumhole, but we're trying to get her pregnant. She's also limbless and hates hospitals. And get this: she also had a very scary experience with a turkey baster as a child, how're we ever gonna get her up the spout?

Empathetic Chum: Perhaps you could try the old snowball impregnator?
by Phthalo Blue February 23, 2011
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