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The box of snow / ice left on the roof a car after heavy snowfall.
Whoa! Did you see the size of that snow 'fro?!
by AJMac 93 December 21, 2010
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Pertaining to an individual, typically male, that has extremely curly or nappy hair that when groomed properly takes the shape of an Afro. This is not a "Jew-Fro" because the individual with a "Snow-fro" is not Jewish nor are his/her parents.
"Dude, I totally found this lego block hidden in my Snow Fro!"

"I walked in on Siumeron and he accidentally jizzed up my Snow Fro!"

"Mr. Sloop has a Snow-Fro up top AND below."
by Manikr Mcpagi October 06, 2008
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Large, white (or grey), poofy hairstyle of (mainly) elderly females, commonly known as snowbirds. Owners and maintainers of snowfros infiltrate Sizzlers, Souplantations, and the state of Florida by the thousands. Snowfro inhabitants are notorious for their life-threatening driving techniques, usually in Lincolns, Oldsmobiles, or Cadillacs.
Their were snowfros as far as the eye could see at bingo last night.
by Steph L. November 20, 2007
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A white man with an afro.
Seth: " yo dude check out the snow fro' over there"

Max: "yeh what a douche"
by Tango88 January 18, 2009
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