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To snorlax, snorlaxing v.
The act of eating and sleeping. ALL DAY.
To act like snorlax.
Guy 1: So what did you do today?
Guy 2: I was snorlaxin' ALL DAYY.
Guy 1: I feel you, man.
by 2LEGiiTt January 07, 2009
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1.) In a state of relaxtion where one is falling asleep and awaking from sleep in a short time period due to one falling into REM sleep too rapidly for the body to handle. Therefore, your brain forces you to wake up.
2.) When your Poke'mon is asleep and will not wake up amidst a Poke'mon battle. Used when one is a state of frustration due to the fact your getting PWN'ed by your opponent.
1.) "Dude, today in Math class, Mrs. Weis started talking about proofs and postulates. I was straight snorlaxin'!"
2.) "Damn you jigglypuff! Charizard, wake up, quit f*$#ing Snorlaxin'!"
by Joey Dunn November 19, 2007
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