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The Suethor take on Hogwarts. It's full of Mary Sue's. Not much learning takes place, just Sue's snogging (as implied by the name), being Draco Malfoy's girlfriends, Harry's fiancees or carrying Edward Cullen's babies, even though he has nothing to do with HP...
The four houses of Snogwarts are Sparklypoo, Tootsitramp, Quanonraip and Bitchiwitch.

All original characters remaining at Snogwarts have been modified to fit in with the immaculate Sue's (see Quanonraip).
Example 1: Tresor Arwen Silverlight, half Veela, half vampire, half centaur and half mermaid is one of the many Snogwarts students.

Snogwarts is where all the Mary Sue's belong.
by HelpMeCatchMyPig! August 25, 2010
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