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Popular character in the Playstation game, Metal Gear Solid (mostly due to her sweet sweet rack). A member of the FOXHOUND squadron and expert sniper. Born in the middle East, she was later taken to America by big boss. She is killed by solid snake during a terrorist takeover of a nuclear disposal facility.
Does anybody know the code to see Sniper Wolf naked?
by jojo December 23, 2004
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originated by a "famous" youtuber, sssniperwolf. In some of her videos, she exposes others on the internet for their misfortunes, but all of what she exposes applies to herself therefor contradicting herself. Basically the act of contradicting yourself realizing it but playing it off as if you aren't.
In The Past -I'll do all my makeup and looks just so I can resemble Ariana Grande.

Present Day Guys so recently I have noticed that most female youtubers try way too hard to look like Ariana Grande.

Guy Comments Damn, she's sniperwolfing herself all throughout this video. She's even doing it in the damn title!
by susterbuster October 27, 2018
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