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any place in bad company 2 were players who have just migrated from MW2 will attempt to snipe from. the most noticeable of these is on Port Valdez. this is a hill/cliff were every attacker using the recon kit seems to charge for. another less known spot is on arica harbor in the brick building.

the brick building can only be called a sniper hill based on were the sniper is located. snipers ontop or right in the windows are classified as being on the hill. were snipers farther back or using the shadows/glare are not.

ANY spot that has more then 2 snipers on it is classified for a sniper nest (A temporary sniper hill) for the rest of that game.
Guy 1 : WATCH OUT! doorway 1 is in clean view of sniper hill!

Guy 2 : Don't matter. there all COD noobs who don't know about bullet drop!

Guy 2 proceeds to run out of door 1. Hundreds of bullets fall short and hit the ground 20 feet away.

Guy 2: See? Perfectly safe!
by MonkeeWorrior June 18, 2010
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Although it goes by many names, Sniper Hill is a common example.
In the map Port Valdez, in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, there is an area near the first Attackers spawn that overlooks the Defenders position. It is this area that almost every player using the Recon kit (aka "Sniper") will dash to, crouch, and proceed to fail at being a worthy team mate what-so-ever. This can be, but not limited to, such actions such as: Attempting to "no-scope"; not spotting enemy positions; failing to understand the "bullet-drop" concept; returning to area after having been knifed/counter-sniped/blown the Hell up/team-killed/any other action that results in their death.
The most socially accepted reason for their doing so is that the "Sniper" has just migrated to Bad Company 2 multiplayer, from Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, where they would win by camping and obtaining killstreaks. They fail to realize, however, that their kill/death ratio will never affect the outcome of an objective based game mode.
On a related note, it is also popular for some Attackers to park their T-90 tank beside Sniper Hill, with the same intention as a "Sniper".
Chimp: "Where's the rest of our team? I mean, we're the only ones tyring to destroy the M-COM station!"
Chump: "They're all using the Recon kit, camping on top of Sniper Hill."
Chimp: "Kind of ironic, since only you and me have any kills whatsoever, let alone points. I hate MW2 noobs!"
by Kil Lerown February 27, 2010
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