A very pogchamp twitch streamer and youtuber. Snifferish is a 18 (I think) year old MineCraft player, who is very skilled at building. She’s very kind to her fans :D
“Snifferish is pog.”
by humanweeb February 15, 2021
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Snifferish is a Minecraft twitch streamer and a builder for the minecraft marketplace, they are 18 years old and are currently one of the fasting growing streamers on the platform.
"Hey, I really like Snifferish!"
"Me too, she's my favorite streamer"
by ReiYourDaddy March 8, 2021
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snifferish(real name cassie) is a bisexual nonbinary twitch streamer.They use she/they pronouns and are super sweet and kind.Their community is extremely kind caring and supportive.
person 1:Omg snifferish is such a sweet person!!
by saturnshores September 29, 2021
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Sniff (Cassie) is a scottish amercian/irish streamer/youtuber who often streams minecraft!They are 20 years old and use any pronouns.She is genderqueer and lesbian!he is the most sweet person possible <3
Saturn:HEY did u watch snifferishs new stream??theyre so amazing and cool i love their streams x
by saturnshores May 13, 2023
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