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A game to be played by lads on a night out where they attempt to sniff parts of the female anatomy without being rumbled.

1 run is awarded for sniffing a girls hair.
2 runs are awarded for sniffing a girls ass.
4 runs are awarded for chewing a girls hair.
6 runs are awarded for touching a girls asscrack with your nose and sniffing.

You are declared out if you get rumbled e.g slapped in the face.

LAD with the most runs at the end of the night wins the sniff cricket trophy.
Benedict: (entering nightclub/bar) Right lads lets start a game of sniff cricket.

Warren: Woaaa did you see Geoffrey go straight for the six.

Geoffrey: I'll be back in a minute boys I need to be sick that ass stank!
by McFisterson December 03, 2011
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