A psudeo-punking little pop darling who has expanded the minds - and anal rings - of his many male followers. A dirty rock god AND love god to the max. Also, gets his balls waxed on oxford street.
"why be snel?"
"snel violated me"
also, variation
"snelatle herpes" - refer 'samidia'
by yamum February 3, 2005
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Derogitive term for a rashes on the anus. The rashes are caused by the rubbing of shit against the skin and require specialist help.

They aren't uncurable, but many people live with them for their entire lives, as they are too embarrassed to seek professional help.
'Oi! You, Snelly (name for people with a Snel)'

'Hey! I don't have a Snel'
by Good Old Destroyer December 16, 2009
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sharp nose exhale laugh, the kind of laugh you actually do when someone sends you a funny text or meme.
friend: *sends actual funny meme*
me: snel
by sydjsmiles April 9, 2018
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