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A sneaky negro who steals things without alerting the popo and with lots of stealth
Did you just see that?
That snegro took your bike!
Damn Snegro!
by Steam April 12, 2008
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The politically correct version of the candy bar Snickers, implemented by paranoid middle-class conservative Whites (the same people who are responsible for Snickerdoodles becoming Negrodoodles and the beloved Winnie the Pooh caracter Tigger being called Tegro).
White Guy 1: "Hey man it's the half=time show! Pass me the bag of Snickers."

White-Ass Black Guy: "What the fuck did you just call me?"

White Guy 2: "Chill, mane. He was talking about the SNEGROs."
by LeSaint February 04, 2007
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Snegro is a shortened version of pseudo-negro (also spelled psnegro). This word is used in place of the word negro when an African American refers to a non African American as a friend or homie

This word has other forms such as sniggy and snig
"Chris may not be black but he's still my snegro"

"Whats up my sniggy?"
by dreadlocks1221 April 07, 2009
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