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A Sneeze Ninja is an elite, considerate human being who has mastered the quick-tissue-grab move to ensure a splatter free sneeze. To be dubbed a Sneeze Ninja one must prove that when they feel a sneeze coming on, they will get to their face first with a tissue so their hands stay clean and germ free, even if it's a window of less than .03 seconds.

You will never see a splatter from a considerate Sneeze Ninja, unless you yourself splatter: Sneeze Ninja will punish humans accordingly for the virus they have just inconsiderately spread.
Guy on train sneezes, making no attempt at a quick-tissue-grab, instead spraying his malicious germs into the public arena.

Sneeze Ninja side kicks him to the face with his glad-wrapped foot, and leaves filth spreader with a packet of Kleenex.
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