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When a guy places a hat, commonly a snapback, over his genitals and then takes a photo to upload on Facebook.
Johno: Oi Rickie, wanna do a sneaky hat with me man?
Rickie: Nah man, I'm not gay bro!
by djs1124 November 18, 2011
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The sneaky hat, also known just as sneaky hat, is a hat that one uses to cover one's private parts shortly after getting naked. It is most commonly done in order to get a photo in front of the mirror for facebook, with the main incentive for this activity being 'the lols'. The majority of sneaky hat photos feature white, drunk men, however there are some sneaky hat photos featuring attractive specimens of the opposite sex.

After starting on the 16th november 2011 it shortly became an internet phenomenon, prompting many lols from fellow nerds on the internet.
*posts pic of sneaky hat on Facebook's sneaky hat page*
user 1: lol
user 2: wtf?
by vortexsss November 16, 2011
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The sneaky hat is when someone is naked and only covers up their genitals with a hat.
- A man only covers his penis with a hat whilst naked.
Dude, Jack said that he was going to do the Sneaky hat if you gave him 5 bucks.
by imsocoollike_ November 17, 2011
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