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Performed on the unsuspecting females of the world.

The extension of the pinky finger (to be placed in the brown winker), and the two fingering fingers (to be placed in the pink winker) and use of the thumb on the "clitoris".

This process can be confused with "two in the pink,1 in the stink", however can only be pulled of with the use of extreme aggression.

Note: Can be performed whilst sprinting past the snatch, requiring great skill, not recommended for beginner snatch grabbers.
ay up, I just saw an unsuspecting snatch that I will most likely dominate with a snatch grab
by snatchgrabber1010 January 28, 2011
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that is when a woman gets so excited during oral sex she
grabs her partner by the ears and runs his nose into her
vagina and begins pumping his face like intercourse.
Since charlene pulled a snatch grab on me last night,I

can't seem to get the smell of asshole out of my nose.
by driver_im8 July 19, 2009
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