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The first symptoms of Swag and becoming a swagfag. Not to be confused with being a faggot or swagfag. They stem from the same disorder.

It is important to distinguish the difference between a swagfag and a snapfag. A snapfag is very much like a swagfag except they are new to the whole "swag" thing. Usually seen walking around with a New York Yankees snapback and a graphic t-shirt of Mickey Mouse or some shit like that.

Snapfags feel the tendency to fit in with the other "swag" members but may not in fact, have any friends at all. Your dad, neighbour, white junkie down the street, and more can all be snapfags.

In essence, snapfags are admirers either secret or in open of the whole "Swag" scene. They are either in the stage prior to being a Swagfag, or just someone who dreams of living that lifestyle.

Usually seen walking into a Snapback store with their parents.
"Hi, can I see your newest snapbags please" - Snapfag
"Sure, they are over in that counter" - Cashier
"Okay thanks" - S
-Snapfag buys another New York Yankees snapback because he was too much of a pussy to go and fetch an Obey one off the shelf and making himself look like a total loser
by TheCrazedOne August 30, 2014
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