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While performing fellatio, the fellatrix hyper-extends or dislocates the jaw so as to engulf the exceptionally large member of the fellatee – in the same manner a python is able to trap and swallow an entire goat or adult pig.
Tom: ‘I went out for drinks with that cougar, Sharon, last night and she gave me the best snake-job I’ve had all week.’
Floyd: ‘If she was nib-nobblin on you, it was no snake-job - just a search party.’

Tony (the Pony):’Shee-it, Bro, after washin’ the dog with yo’ girl last evenin’, she proceeded to present me with the sweetest snake-job, ever - as nothin’ else will suffice with my Alabama king snake.’
Chris: ‘Homes – you gots to stop doin’ so much ‘E’, it be messin’ with yo’ head. That ain’t my girl, dat was yo’ sistah.’

Andrew: ‘Comrade, I’ve watched “Iron Man V” twelve times and would like to test my theory that lubrication effects may negate the no-slip condition at the boundary by initiating a snake-job on your Choad.’
Alex: ‘Moose and squirrel.’
by Ex-Lax July 30, 2008
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