The guy who defeated Issac Hayes, Bruce Campbell and a Che Guevara lookalike, escaped from New York and L.A, rescued Donald Pleasance, screwed over the American government twice, managed to pilot the world’s worst animated minisub, rode a tsunami with Peter Fonda and shot his way through a thinly disguised polystyrene wall, all with one eye and an impractical mullet.
Snake Plissken is cool.

Snake Plissken said "Draw"

Snake Plissken wants a smoke.
by Phantom Definition Writer December 13, 2005
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One of the worlds greatest fictional characters.
Was in the Special forces unit Black Flight,wears
an eye-patch on his left eye,huge inspiration for
the metal gear series,and a smoker........
......"call me Snake".......

-Snake Plissken
by Snake471 March 25, 2010
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