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slowest homie out the click, says he'll be ready in 5 minutes, however takes more than 20 minutes to get ready, which is lame, therefore the term Snailboy coined.
Andy:whats taking Fox so long?!?
Richie: I dunno, we got here 30 mins ago and HE STILL AINT READY!!!!!
Andy: Yah, hes a definite Snail Boy
by Ya Boy Trax June 19, 2010
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When someone is slow and when they droll every drop is connected in a line like a snails trail. They are healthy but slow at eating but they have mondo dukes. Also a snailboy only slides.
Look at that boy Tom, what a snail. That snail has a trail Tom. He is such a snailboy.
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by Mondo Candle July 09, 2018
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