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Snacky is a World of Warcraft player is is fucking amazing, he leads us to victory in Wintergrasp, and when other people get raid leader (Like Lethoian) We usually lose, Snacky is a successful player in the World of Warcraft community, but Alliance are jealous of him, so they ignore him, because they want to be just like him, He usually trolls Trade with epic statements that are COMPLETELY TRUE, thank you Snacky!
Snacky Grizzly Hills

Lethoian: hi snacky
Snacky: No.
Lethoian: why are you so hated, anyway good duel, your reall great at dueling, i cant take you, or even hit you
Snacky: It's because you're bad.
Lethoian: Every spam snacky invites to a group so he cant get leader!
*The battle for Lake Wintergrasp has begun!*
Snacky is raid leader
Lethoian joins the raid.
Lethoian is removed from the group.
by Lethoian April 08, 2010
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