Noun- A person that buys a group some snacks. Used in College classes, however it can be applied to high school classes as well.

Names and Titles of Honor- The person can also be called the Snack Man, Snack-man. Some are Snackmaster, the female Snackbringer can be called a Snackchick or a Snackgirl.

Role- The Snackman can pass the role to another person or the group can pick someone that is not present if they want to. Once the task is assigned, the previous snackman can bring in some snacks. The new snackman must order pizza for the his groups new snack, while the previous snackman brings drinks. The role of the Snackman can't be passed on until the current one has bought some snacks for the group each week until the group picks a new snackman.

Snacks- The snacks that are brought to the classes can range form
1 Mansentials from the Man Store
2 The Chips- Ranges from Doritos and Pringles to Funyuns.
3 The Beef Jerky- Ranges from Jack Link's Original to Sweet and Hot.
4 Sun Flower Seeds
5 Bubble Gum- Hubba Bubba to Juicy Fruit
6 Some Mints- Altoids, Eclipse and York Mints.
7 Candy- Skittles, Starburst.
8 Chocolate Donuts.
9 Drinks- cold 2-Liter bottles, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sprite. for parties only.
10 Pizza, bought by the new snackman as his first snack for the group.

Spending- the most that is usually spent on the snacks is 53 to 61 dollars.
The snacks can be bought at a gas station like Sunco, or Hess.
Kyle- I've got the pizzas!
Mike- Wheres the Snackman?
Me- I've got the snacks!
Mike- Sweet. *Yells* The Snackmans here!
Me- Hey Kyle, your the Snackman for the next few weeks, Ok?
Kyle- Ok..
Kyle So how about a pizza party on October the 30th?
Me- I'll get the drinks!
Mike- I'll get the cups then.
by Fox Cruton October 29, 2008
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Person who enjoys masterbating in the dark, with one hand across his face and the other yanking on his junk.
Steve got caught being a snackman in his basement one morning.
by weaselish August 18, 2007
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