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1. The theory or religious standing (in some countries there are extremist cults whom teach this doctrine) which states that all problems in life may be solved with the consumption of snacks.

2. The process or state of snacking or of partaking in the consumption of snacks. Most commonly, an obsession thereof.

3. It is important to note that the movement first gained most of its momentum when the American food company Frito-Lay (a division of PepsiCo, Inc.) created its most famous brand of tortilla chips, Dorito's in 1964.

See also -ity, -ation
"Religious preference?", asked the Corrections Officer.

"Snackism", replied the rather stout inmate who had a large smile on his face. The Officer looked up and could tell immediately this inmate was going to be transferred to another facility, one which would be more "Snackist" friendly. The inmates there would be allowed to consume as many individually wrapped, cream filled, and sugar coated sweets they pleased.

"We've got another one!" The Officer said angrily to another Officer as they loaded up a bus of other fellow "Snackists" to be transported to the other facility.
by Ohjollyme January 17, 2011
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