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Originates from the request "shut my Facebook"; however, it is now more commonly used as a generic term for successfully having your profile barred from any social network.

Must only be used about people who are trying to get barred using good humour or by pushing the social network rulebook to see how far the administators will let them go.

Not to be used for general social misfits, that's why we have words like "sicko" and "yob".
DAVE: "Hi, John. I haven't seen you on-line for a while and I can't find your profile. What's occuring?"

JOHN: "You remember that group I set up for a laugh?"

DAVE: "Oh yeah, I enjoyed that"

JOHN: "Well apparently it went against the small print so I got smyffed. Don't worry though, the ban lifts in 6 days"
by Mahabarat February 20, 2010
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