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An amazing friend female or male. One of the coolest people you have ever met absolutely gorgeous and will never say no to a good time. Smurggles are also super intelligent so one must use caution not to insult a Smurggle as they are amongst other things very strong. Be warned that smurggles can also have unworldly strong effects on members of the opposite sex. Most repart a feeling of utter helplessness in trying to get the Smurggle off there mind. They are the most emazing lovers on planet earth and some say the gallaxy however know one knows for sure because the Smurggle is so rare only the luckiest of humans gets to experience one. And most importly once your with a Smurggle and trust a Smurggle and the Smurggle trusts you you will have not only an amazing person in your life but the makings for some of the best times you can have on planet earth.
Katie is such a Smurggle.

I went out last night and I don't know what happend to me I think I was drugged. I can't get him/her off my mind.... Must have been a Smurggle
by Fantasticpatato April 04, 2012
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