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Derived from the word Smother; To smudder means when a man or woman simply smothers or overwhelms someone they are sexually interested in. Calling too much, flirting too much, saying I LOVE You every ten minutes, excessive sexting, texting usually does not wear good perfume or cologne. Essentially developing an obessesion with someone who is just not that into you. One who smudders is known as a smudderer.
Juan Carlos smudders are the girls in the bed.

Frenchie says "I love you, I want to see you every day, I want you to be my girlfriend forever".. 'Damn frenchie is a big smudderer

I like Olga at Mcdonald's cash register. I want to smudder her and then eat a southern chicken biscuit with her.

Gilmar took me in the pool van and smuddered me and we were on top of pool cleaning devices.

Mexican Juan sent love texts every day for the girlfriend and is in LOVE. He is the defintion of smudder.

The whole foods meat man calls Nancy everynight to say how many slices of turkey he sells. He smudders her with the whole foods meat tracking. Nancy is a vegetarian and prefers not to be smuddered by the Meat Man.
by Wild Rhonda August 24, 2008
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