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(noun) An extremely suave individual. Also can be used as a sarcastic, derogatory term. In the negative connotation, it is generally written in italics. Originating in Eugene, Oregon circa 1997 with the nicknaming of one "Smoothio The Cat" -- a hyperactive kitten that was quite entertaining and believed to be on a permanent drug euphoria due to ingesting catnip. The actual coining of the term is credited to Andrew of "Che Mattina" & "Dos Banos" infamy. It is now a commonly used term on and other blog sites and has been perpetuated by Flax, president of Smoothio Films. See also "Smoothia", the female variation of this term originated by Irene.
Look at the way that fool wears his pants -- what a Smoothio!
by Flax Glor November 30, 2006
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